Hijacking of tunes

Ode to Joy … no real problem

In the midst of humming, I realized I was humming “Ode to Joy” or at least these most well known bars. Well my musical tastes are becoming more refined as I ages, I thought. I have been known to hum “Ode to Spring” often, but Beethoven?

I was feeling quite proud of myself until I realized the genisis of my new found cultural behavior … a car commercial was playing about 6 times an hour relying on Beethoven’s classic in the background. Ok, bemused I wrote it off as our exceptional American #MAdMen culture. Afterall, how many cartoons did we watch in childhood which used the “William Tell Overture” as the musical theme?

My Mad Men Avatar

But the Cranberries & Enya? No Way

Having become more alert to the musical propensities of modern advertising, I became aware that one commercial was using the Cranberries’ early anthem “Changes” and another was using an Enya tune (can’t remember the name”) as the musical motif.

Outrageous! How dare Madison Avenue co-opt, kidnap my perosnal tunes? These tunes had been among my companions on my long (90 mile one way) drives to and from law school in Oklahoma, my commute into my law practice into Richmond from verdent Prince George County, my house cleaning tunes when I still bothered with cleaning house.

This is a crime against my tunes.

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