Twilight of winter in Prince George VA

March, already?

Prince Georgians are rarely really ready for winter. This Prince Georgian is never ready for spring.

I haven’t cut back the crepe myrtle, clipped the hydrangeas to the ground (nearly), picked up winter twigs, or ordered a new load of crush and run to have graded in my long circular driveway.

Some of my hydrangeas in late Spring blook.

We had an odd winter of mostly days’ long bouts of rain, here and there sunshine and wind, and a humdinger of a snowstorm. We were out of power for 17 hours for that event. The time was never quite right for me to traipse into the yard and start the chores.

Speaking of power outages. We had just ordered the installation of a whole-house backup propane generator when we lost power for 17 hours during that snow storm. We knew there was a backlog in their installation schedule. Well, yesterday they called and will begin the week-long installation process today. Now strangers, not just my neighbors, will see how neglected my property is. Well, hopefully, that is all they will see and not see the state of my housekeeping.

Interestingly, Amerigas Propane just arrived to refill my tank. Little did I know the tank was down to 25% before the delivery. I would have been a royal nervous wreck if I’d checked the tank and seen how low we were.

Summer, where are art thou?

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