The Lockdown Year into the VAX Year:

It is hard to believe that I last wrote on this site almost one year ago. At that point we were a month post “lockdown” and adapting to a new normal. I guess we are still adjusting to a new normal as we navigate the COVID vaccine era. How effective are the vaccines? How long will vaccines protect us? Are there vaccination deserts in various communities, vaccine haves and have nots? Will we reach herd immunity — worldwide? And, what about those VAX deniers?

There are a number of vax clinics scheduled each week now, some in churches, others in government buildings, vacant stores, colleges, and private pharmacies. Yet to be universally organized are vaccines being injected in individual homes for those not able to get out or to drive.

Total lockdown was not a possibility for my home. Bob and I are aging so medical appointments, grocery shopping, and trips to the pharmacies were necessary. We could have ordered grocery delivery, but that was not appealing, and besides, I don’t want someone else selecting my fruit and veggies. Old fashioned, I guess.

Our “headphoned” granddaughter, a senior in high school, has been a virtual student since March of 2020 and will finish her senior year in front of her Mac in her room on the second floor.

Our daughter, a process manager for a financial institution, has also worked remotely since March 2020, splitting her time between here and her partner’s apartment when the drain on our bandwidth grew too great. Her employer’s large building in Enon has been closed and currently there are no concrete plans for most workers to report to a physical facility.

Bob has been hospitalized twice, in fact is in the hospital now. Last July I could not visit him in person due to the COVID restrictions. Now he is allowed one visitor a day. Facetime was the only real connection last year, now it is merely a supplement to our updates to each other.

We both completed our Pfizer shots in February and our daughter has had her first shot. Still awaiting our granddaughter’s access to a vaccine. She is now 18 and we are hopeful it is available to her before she begins college in the fall.

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