Self-Quarantine Adventures

Today is day 2 of my self-imposed, self-quarantine. Actually the day is just beginning. It has already been productive.

One of the more interesting aspects of this COVID-19 experience has been watching all of the reporters and TV news guests calling in on Skype or some similar application. At some point yesterday I became aware of a nagging personal issue. I had not been able to do video calls on Skype.

I had tried many times to figure it out but, always short on time, I had never carefully worked through the process to give Skype access to my camera. I didn’t want to be left out of the Skype world. What if someone wanted to interview me? I would be voice only. That would have been embarrassing.

I arose this morning with resolve to join the video Skype world. So, sitting in front of reporters calling in via Skype, I actually followed instructions and successfully gave Skype access to my camera. I feel so accomplished. So techie. Now I have the confidence to tackle some other tasks …

  • watch CANVA tutorials
  • learn how to use the tablet feature of my Lenovo Yoga
  • troubleshoot the sound issues on my iphone video function
  • clean out the pantry
  • find my shoes with the cat’s faces
  • make a tamale pie
  • go back to work on the CERT website
  • and so on
  • get Grammarly to work on my WordPress blogs

I think I need a break from self-quarantine.

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