Breaking Self-Quarantine:

I am in the age group in Virginia which is supposed to self-quarantine. Yes, I am age 65 + and, no, I don’t plan to tell you how many plusses to add. I found out yesterday that I should self-quarantine, not only to protect me, but also to help” flatten the curve”.

The reality was that I needed to pick up a prescription refill for my husband at Kenner Army Health Clinic on Fort Lee, Virginia. The medication is absolutely necessary and he is unable to pick it up himself. Nonetheless, I felt guilty, like I was breaking curfew or something.

Well, maybe no-one would notice me, I thought. I am a young looking 65+, if I do say so myself. I styled my hair (I don’t bother most days), wore a slimming looking top, and the cutest little black booties with just a high enough heel to make me look at least 2 or 3 pounds slimmer. I just didn’t want to get busted, not for being too young to do something, but for being too old to do something. I would have been so ashamed if any of my friends and neighbors to were to learn that I was not enforcing my self-quarantine.

Not a 65+ looking bootie.

Needn’t have worried so. I was standing in the refill window line when a shadow from a person 6 feet away fell across my phone screen and the shadow spoke to me. Looking up I saw my neighbor, also in the 65+ demographic. She seemed to have no concern about being outed for breaking self-quarantine. Wasted guilt.

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