COVID-19 in a Rural County:

Coronavirus comes to Virginia:

The weekend of March 7th, Virginia had one confirmed COVID-19 case, a military man assigned to Fort Belvoir. This last weekend Virginia had 31 confirmed cases. As of today, March 16, there are 41 confirmed cases and and two deaths.

During the past week Governor Northam has declared a State of Emergency and closed the public schools for two weeks.

So it is just in the past week that the realities of a viral pandemic have begun to emerge in our little rural county. We are not an isolated community as much as we are an insular one. Bad things happen in Chesterfield, Richmond, or in Northern Virginia (NOVA), not in Prince George.

The closing of the schools by the Governor was the first real decision about how things would work in Prince George that wasn’t made by local officials. It was a sign of more directive intrusions to come.

The County Government closed today and it appears no one knew. So much for how much a part of our daily lives the bureaucracy of government isn’t. Everyone seems to be at the grocery store. Yes, we have one.

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