food has been on my mind lately

A fallow garden

Last week I visited the first Prince George Farmers’ Market for the season.  It started earlier this year. It was too early for there to be many vegetables, but I did score a beautiful, compact cabbage and fresh red leaf lettuce. And, yes, a pendant handcrafted from melted marbles.  Craft jewelry makers and Farmers’ Markets are great partners.

In years past, I have been careful about buying too much veg at the Market because my neighbors Tommy and Wilma kept me and most my neighbors on our road well supplied with whatever was coming ripe in their large garden.  This year the garden is fallow.  Tommy passed away last year and with him the bounty from his garden.

A neighbor's gift
Tommy’s & Wilma’s Vegetables


It was Tommy’s garden, but it was Wilma who washed and carefully bagged whatever produce would be left, unannounced, at my side door. Working from home was challenged by the gifting of veggies. Wilma or Tommy’s presence on the side porch never failed to excite my yellow Lab and my black & white Aussie.  If fortunate, I was not on the phone with a client at such times. Now I am retired and rather long for the punctuation of excitement generated by the addition of fresh vegetables to my life.

We rarely fully appreciate the wonderful, enduring, or simply ubiquitous rituals in our lives … until they are gone.

Thank you, Tommy. Thank you, Wilma.

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