The new normal:

Today begins another week of the new normal. It is sometimes hard to remember what day of the week it is. But I know this is Monday. Oddly, I have always liked Mondays. It has seemed like a weekly new beginning, like the school term beginning in September.

Last Thursday was my first day driving one of our cars out of the neighborhood in two weeks. The journey was to take a family member to an outpatient clinic at Retreat Doctor’s Hospital in Richmond. I hadn’t driven into Richmond since mid January when Bob had an appointment with Dr. Megan Lamay at VCU Health. The good news was that I remembered how to drive. I was less confident navigating through the Fan to get to Retreat. A lot has changed in Richmond since I practiced law there.

My next big adventure was the following day when I went to Kenner Army Clinic to pick up Bob’s prescriptions. That had changed also. Now one essentially must have an appointment to do a drive by pickup of meds. I have a drive by appointment this morning at 9 am.

There is still no toilet paper in the grocery stores. Restaurants, even in Prince George, are actually delivering meals, wine, beer, and mixed drinks. I even bought eggs from Luca Italian Restaurant. Luca also has bleach, commercial toilet paper, and various other sundries.

Neighbors are meeting each other, sometimes for the first time, as they walk their dogs on opposite sides of the road. School classes, doctors’ visits, and club meetings are all by ZOOM or some similar application. County government is essentially closed and no one seems to notice.

Oh, and we are under a tornado watch until noon (not part of the new normal).