Good Neighbors:

We can help each other:

In this age of quarantine, isolation, and social distancing, it would be easy to forget that we are all in this together.

While it is important to keep ourselves as safe as possible from the Coronavirus, most of us can do that and help others. We can call folks we know who are alone, elderly, disabled, or whatever and offer to run an errand, without physical contact. We can leave foodstuffs on the porch or front step,. We can call friends and neighbors we think may be lonely. If fortunate enough to have restaurants that deliver (not in Prince George), we can call in an order for a needy friend, pay for it on the phone and have it delivered to our friend’s door.

There are posts in some of the private groups I belong to on Facebook and Next Door discussing such actions that some of my neighbors and friends are taking. Though I have a health sensitive family member, I am going to check on a widowed neighbor and assure that she has some necessities, maybe some candy, and a chat. I have other widowed neighbors, but I know some of their family members and know they are being assisted.

We can reach out and “touch” others with kindness.

I posted on Facebook Saturday about being touched by a gesture by the Fort Lee, Virginia, #Commissary as I checked out. The bagger handed me a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Every customer was given one. It brightened my day. It was a rare commodity, but a practical one. It has continued to touch my heart.

Thank You Fort Lee Commissary